I have been acting ever since I was in Kindergarden. I love theater. I have seen over a hundred plays and in total I have performed in exactly 20 plays ranging from Shakespeare, musicals, theater, one acts, and sketches. I have also done monologues and performed in talent shows.


Not only have I performed in various plays, but I have reached out to the youth by supervising children in a theater camp. (Kids Acting Out)


I also have 6 years of experience in improvisational comedy. (Comedy Sportz/Improvisutra)


Plays I’ve preformed in:

  1. The Wizard of Oz

  2. Stuart Little

  3. Charlotte’s Web

  4. Damn Yankees

  5. Into The Woods

  6. Once Upon This Island

  7. Inherit The Wind

  8. Cabaret

  9. Julius Ceasor

  10. Ten Little Indians

  11. Music Man

  12. The Merry Wives of Windsor

  13. Les Miserables

  14. Comedy of Errors

  15. Hello Dolly

  16. Little Shop of Horrors

  17. Beyond Sweet Pandemonium

  18. Bat Boy

  19. A Cup of Coffee

  20. The Mourning After

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