The Unimaginable

By: Jeremy Ridnor


A drop of water fell from the incandescent sky and landed directly on the right thumb of Lieutenant Benjamin’s hand. The inevitability of rain was not the only thing that was going to flood this field today, thought Lieutenant Benjamin. He knew that the blood of his enemies as well as the blood his comerades would eventually soak into the earth’s soil. He shuttered at the thought of seeing one of his own men in pain or even dead. However this truly was a noble cost to die for. Lieutenant Benjamin’s men resided low in the brushes and grass. Now all they had to do was wait. The sun was cached by a blanket of clouds. The wind danced by the men in camouflage. This was followed by a tremendous downpour of rain. A boisterous sounding bang was heard, followed by a man yelping in pain. The air was filled with the smell of gunpowder.


Lieutenant Benjamin stood up. “Alright men attack.”


His men roared as they charged into no man’s land. A parade of bullets flew by. Some wondering aimlessly into the distance, while other bullets tore through flesh. Lieutenant Benjamin cursed up a storm as his men fell to the ground. They were dropping like flies one by one. “Retreat,” yelled Lieutenant Benjamin at the top of his lungs.


The men did as they were told, they all sprinted towards the base. He watched their frightened faces as they ran towards him. Some had tears running down their cheeks. Just when Lieutenant Benjamin thought he could save the remaining men in his infantry a row of bullets shot them all down. Lieutenant Benjamin was in shock. There was a pool of blood, and floating on top this pool of blood were the bodies of his fallen men. A wave of guilt crashed down on Lieutenant Benjamin. He should have known that they were out numbered. He buried his head in his hands contemplating his next move, when all of a sudden he saw one of his men crawling towards him. It was then that he noticed that his legs were blown clean off. A trail of blood gathered behind the wounded soldier as he crawled towards his Lieutenant. Lieutenant Benjamin could not bare to watch him struggle so he rushed out into no man’s land in order to aid this man. He kept low and then dove down on top the blood soaked grass. He cradled his limp body and then wiped the blood and dirt off his face.


“I’m cold sir,” whispered the soldier.


“I know son, just hang in there you’re gonna be alright.” The young soldier coughed up blood. “You’re a true patriot son. You’re folks should be real proud of you.”


“I want to go home sir.”


“You will I promise.”


Then with out any warning the young soldier slowly closed his eyes and let out a long breath.


“Son?” Lieutenant Benjamin waited for him to breathe again, but he never did. He then threw up his arms and looked up to the heavens. “Nooooooooooooo!”


“Benjamin.” A voice called out from the distance. “Benjamin. Come inside, I don’t want you catching a cold.


“Mom I’m playing war with my friends.” Shouted Benjamin.


“You can play with them another time, now I want you come inside now.”


“But Mom.”


“1… 2…”


“Alright I’m coming.”


“Do you surrender?” Yelled one of the other kids.


“No,” said Benjamin.


“Well if you leave that means you surrender.”






“Whatever Billy.” Benjamin then walked away from the battle and went inside to eat Macaroni and Cheese and drink apple juice.